Co-operatives Education & Support Unit

This is the core unit within the Chris Hani Co-operative Development Centre for the delivery of support to our main clients who are co-operative enterprises. The Unit is a strategic focus area and its implementation cascades from the organisation’s vision, mission and strategic goals. The unit is designed to have some strategic focus areas that are important to the organisations’ success of achieving its overall objectives.
These could include the following:

  1. Incubation – this is a critical element for co-operative development is general enterprise incubation services aligned with the vision and mission of the CDC. This is aimed at building competitive co-operative enterprises that are economically viable and sustainable.

  2. Finance and Funding – this is an overarching goal for the CDC in-order to realise its objectives, thus long-term own financial base through partnerships for wholesale finance and funding are critical.

  3. Enterprise Development Support – a majority of our co-operative enterprise are start-up and emerging enterprises in their respective industries and they require intensive enterprise support services.

  4. Strategic Partnerships – to public, private and academia to promote the development of co-operatives as an economic enabler in the Eastern Cape.


We aim to re-gain our dignity through co-operative development

Our Services

  • Co-operative Education & Training Development
  • Co-operative Development
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Co-operative Education(Co-operative Background)
  • Business Management Skills
  • Financial Management
  • Cooperative philosophy (Values and Principles)

Programmes for
Co-operatives Education
& Support Unit

  • Vegetable Cluster
  • Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • Imvelo Co-operative Financial Institution

How To Register With Us

First you need to nominate five directors, namely the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Vice secretary and Treasurer. Then you Develop a constitution, and come up with five names that will be submitted to CIPC. All members must submit their certified ID copies and must be present on registration date as they need to sign all relevant docs and allowed pre-registration training. Registration fee R500