The Chris Hani Co-operative Development Centre was established with the purpose of establishing and developing the co-operative sector in the Chris Hani District.
With more than 350 co-operatives registered through the organisation since our incorporation in 2011. We have and continue to do our best in meeting our mandate.
Chris Hani Co-operative Development Centre, mandated by Provincial Development of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs (DEDEAT) through their Provincial Co-operative Strategy and National Co-operative Act, 14 2005 to support establishment and capacity building on Co-operative Enterprises with in Chris Hani region.

The Co-operatives Development Policy of 2004 places the following key responsibilities:

  • To close the existing gap with respect to the promotion and development of co-operatives in South Africa
  • To accelerate the implementation of the Nation Co-operatives Policy and the Co-operative Act, as amended
  • To provide streamline support programmes, and increase capacity for their roll – out, and
  • To strengthen the institutional framework for the implementation, co-ordination, monitoring and evaluate of co- operative development in the country.
  • With the above mandate for the CDC, care should be given that the support for the co-operatives stems from a voluntary basis by the co-operatives


A sustainable cooperative social economy in Chris Hani District Municipality


Provide direct development support to cooperatives